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ORT India opened its doors in 1960. ORT’s mission is to work for the advancement of people through training and education; to provide with the skills and knowledge necessary to cope with the complexities and uncertainties of their environment; to foster economic self-sufficiency, mobility and a sense of identity through use of state-of-the-art technology.

Through International Cooperation programmes, ORT supports non-sectarian economic and social development in different parts of the world, with vocational training and the provision of technical assistance.

ORT India located in Worli, Mumbai, offers training courses in computer literacy and office software, among other vocational education courses like Early Childhood Care and Education, Hair Dressing and Beauty Care. Courses are open to those that need vocational or technical skills training regardless of religion, race, or creed.

ORT runs Pre-school and Kindergarten programmes which provide a lively learning environment in which the children take their first steps in their childhood development.

Founded in 1960, ORT India has maintained the standard of excellence set by it’s international parent-body, in keeping with it’s motto “Educating for Life”. Over the years, it has grown in size as well as scope, of late concentrating on training up a work force fit for 21st century. Since its inception in 1960, ORT India has been carrying out sterling work amongst the local communities in Mumbai and elsewhere in the country.

The aim of ORT’s educational programmes, is to give its students the best possible preparation for their future. This preparation includes education to help them become citizens who will make a positive contribution to their society, focused training to enable them undertake worthwhile and fulfilling careers.

Concessions and scholarships are granted to children, who come from families of limited means.


History : World ORT
ORT’s Mission Statement
ORT … provides a route to self-sufficiency

World ORT is the largest Jewish non-governmental education and training organization in the world. The story of ORT is one of the most remarkable in modern Jewish life, for it was an organisation born of necessity that endured and flourished because of its ability to adapt to change. The history of ORT began officially in 1880 and continues to grow in strength into the present day.

In 1880, the name 'ORT' was coined from the acronym of the Russian words Obshestvo Remeslenofo zemled elcheskofo Truda, meaning The Society for Trades and Agricultural Labour.

The world has changed somewhat since the days when handicrafts and agriculture were very employable skills, but the basic principles of ORT have remained unchanged for 130 years. Today, ORT programmes are geared to the demands of countries and to the demands of the workplace now and in the future.
ORT today provides skills-training and self-help projects for some of the world’s most impoverished communities, using funds raised by its supporters, and added to by development agencies and national governments, to put people on the path to economic independence.
ORT builds schools, develops curricula, sets up laboratories, develops high-tech educational systems, produces hardware, software and courseware and other teaching aids and publications. It conducts its own educational research and acts as consultant to many other institutions, including government bodies. ORT co-operates with industry and is supported by an international membership in excess of a quarter of a million people.
ORT has consultative status for information and education purposes with UNESCO, and observer status at the ILO (International Labor Organization). ORT is a founding member of ICVA (International Council of Voluntary Agencies).
The aim of ORT's educational programmes, throughout the world, is to give its students the best possible preparation for their future. This preparation includes education to help them become citizens who will make a positive contribution to their society, focused training to enable them to undertake worthwhile and fulfilling careers, and ­ for its Jewish students ­ the knowledge that will give them an understanding and appreciation of their heritage.

ORT finally returned to Russia, the country of its birth, in 1991 after an enforced absence of 53 years. Today, the ORT network in the Newly Independent States (the NIS) is considered by local authorities to include the finest establishments available in the region. The ORT Technology School in Moscow inaugurated in 1995 was quickly followed by other schools and centres in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Odessa, Ekaterinburg, Samara, Kazan, Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk.
ORT is proud of its long history and we have archived many documents and photos. 

The World ORT Archive (WOA) was established in London in 1999. It exists to preserve the historical record of ORT’s activities and to place these activities into the context of contemporary Jewish history.



Applications invited for
Last date of Application
31st Jan, 2016


Eligibility: Completed 18 years & not above 26 years of age.

10 Days trip to Israel

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Mr. Benjamin Isaac
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